Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Poll Closed: 5th Rotation Spot

The 5th rotation spot poll is complete and Jamie Moyer predictably won with Drabek coming in a close second.

Jamie Moyer - 5
Kyle Kendrick - 2
Andrew Carpenter - 2
Kyle Drabek - 4
Pedro Martinez - 0
Other - 2

Jamie was hospitalized recently due to ailments related to his groin surgery and will undergoe minor knee surgery next month. Based on these events, Jamie Moyer will not be able to return by the beginning of spring training. Due to this it is rumored that the Phillies may pursue a cheap starting option such as John Smoltz.

I personally don't understand these rumors because nothing makes sense about it. I just hope that the Phillies organization has a strong legal team as Smoltz will be taking legal action against the leftfield wall more times than Ryan Howard strikes out in a season. It also can't be overlooked that the Phillies are trying to add players that can compete at a higher level than Adam Eaton. Unfortunately, team Smoltz has decided to put themselves in the Adam Eaton league of pitchers after not retiring 3 years and 5 surgeries ago.

If the Phillies do not make any moves in regards to their starting rotation, Kyle Kendrick should find himself pitching every 5th day in Philadelphia. Well, at least until the Phillies feel Moyer is healthy or Drabek is developed enough.

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