Monday, November 16, 2009

Welcome to Phillie Nation

Phillie Nation is a blog covering the Philadelphia Phillies and all that surrounds. This constitutes current, recent, and upcoming games, predictions of all kinds, analysis of whatever I deem worthy, the current MLB roster, the farm system, and the blasting of the media blasting the Phillies and their nation.

I would first off like to congratulate the Philadelphia Phillies on their third consecutive National League East Division Title and second consecutive National League Pennant. The division title streak may seem irrelevant in the shadows of the Atlanta Braves 11 consecutive titles but this is the longest current division title streak in baseball, tied with the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. The Phillies are only the fourth National League team to appear in consecutive World Series since 1969 and second since 1979. This current Phillies team would have really reserved a place in National League history if they had taken home the World Series Title as they would have been only the third team since 1922 to win consecutive World Series Titles.

Currently it is a great time to be a Phillies fan as the organization is in a great position. You can count the amount of teams throughout Major League Baseball that can legitimately compete with the Phillies on one hand and it's not close to five. Not only are the Phillies an elite team and have a great chance to bring another World Series to South Philadelphia in 2010, but the long-term future is very bright as well. The core of the Phillies roster is in a great position to stay at a high level of competition for a long time as almost all current Phillies are either in their prime or just entering it. Of the 8 starting position players, only Ibanez is older than the age of 31, and even he is playing at an elite level and giving nobody a reason to believe his play is declining or will decline in the near future. Of the starting rotation and back end of the bullpen, again, only one position is occupied by an aging player. This position is by far the least concerning or valuable as it is the 5th starter spot occupied by Pedro Martinez/Jamie Moyer. This is not concerning to the Phillies organization, because without the contributions of either player, the Phillies would have been in the same situation at year's end. In regards to both aging players on the Phillies, the organization has multiple players to utilize as full time replacements. These replacements will be addressed in a later post. All in all, the Phillies roster will not see any sort of significant declines in any matter of time.

I understand that starting this blog after the season was in poor judgement as there won't be much to talk about over the next few months, but you can trust me that I will be able to fill the time. My next few posts will be predicting and analyzing roster moves as free agency is about to begin. Please stay tuned for some more Phillies knowledge.

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